Insurance reductions during lockdown

I’ve heard good and bad about Esure, I was even insured with them one year however I didn't have any claims/accidents so my only contact with them was paying the annual premium up front. Indeed Aviva have been brilliant however my disappointed with their lack of flexibility with respect to mid term premium adjustment (4m into a 12m period). It’s something that will be a consideration when I’m up for renewal.

Ultimately I really wanted to understand how flexible insurers are with something that impacted everyone more or less the same.
I can understand that


Got my refund today for my A2 and turns out it’s only £10.08. Hardly worth the effort!

I did however query it with them and a slightly unusual set of circumstances, they’ve done a 6m reduction based on my estimated mileage, my car is on 4K miles p.a. so an equivalent 1k reduction in miles. My premium isn’t £40 by the way it was £340. What they have however done is left the mileage at 4K so whilst not fantastic a marginal reduction with the same miles, I can’t therefore argue considering my no claims is on my other car and this one only had 2 months before I started a new 12m policy.

Admiral and group companies it turns out seemed to be the best.