Lost jack up point rubber, anyone with a part nr.?(Identified)


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Hi, everyone, found a rubber pad for the jack up point missing today, spend a long time in Audi7zap, to find it.But no luck.
Somebody with an idea where to look?
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My first thought was, that it had to be Nr.2 in "bungs/body" 1KO 899 185 | 40 mm | 4 pcs, but they do not have the right posision.
WHT007060 "end cap" may fit, but acording to the applicability list, they first came in use from 2010 in the VAG system, and A2 is not included.
I still have 3 bungs, I will look for a part number on them and report it here.

No part number printed, only TRW. ⌀50 mm.Just plastic caps, and not rubber pads.
Identical to WHT007060.

This part also make a perfect fit for the hole in the undertray!


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totally agree with with your findings. I have one in my hand now 50 mm overall dia, 29.5mm inside dia and about 16mm in depth.
mine shows TRW 11B on the inside. i will indeed give VAG WHT007060. a go