My A2 Project - 1.4 Sport Petrol


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I have owned my A2 for over 2 years now and in that time I have loved every minute of ownership. Thought I would breakdown what I have done in the last 2 years, it is a on going project and I will be doing whatever I can in time.

The first day I bought my A2 1.4 Sport Petrol 2002 : Was lucky enough to find one with the Votex bodykit including the rear spoiler

6 months after owning my A2 the MOT was due , failed on the original wheels having flat spots :( So I had to find myself a set of alloys pronto , with a limited budget I came across these :

Went to pick them up the evening of the A2 failing the MOT then the following morning on the retest it passed , and the new wheels were fitted with brand new tyres :

I was happy with the look .

After that I was looking to upgrade the front of my A2 by fitting fog lamps :

Before :

After :

After a long time in searching for leather interior , I managed to find this full red leather interior including the red leather steering controls :

I loved the transformation !!!!
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Next on the list was these Headlight protectors :

My red leather steering wheel and gear knob was looking sorry for itself and badly faded : Again was lucky enough to find another set which was in much better condition than my old ones

Before ( Faded ) :

After ( Not faded ) :

The wife badly kurbed one of my alloys , so that gave me a great excuse to get a new set :) , so the hunt started to find the original alloys, Managed to find a set of 5 in good condition :

Back to the way it should be :

I then decided the headlight switch was looking pretty sorry for itself so decided to replace it :



Well happy with the result , really freshens up my interior :)

Managed to come across these original Audi roof bars , I had to have them !!!!

It's one of those accessories that you will never use but you have to have them because it's for the A2 :)
A few months back one of my front springs snapped , so off to A2Cars it went

Tony ( Hotstuff ) was great , and I was amazed by his knowledge of the A2. I stayed all day and learnt quite a bit about my A2.

Last week my A2 had it's MOT and it failed on the rear brake drums , so all was replaced and I no longer have rusty drums :)

I also have purchased the front cupholders due to the fact that both of the original ones were broken.

All I need to do is find a set of stereo keys for my aftermarket stereo.
This is how my car stands at the moment.

Thanks for your kind words. Regarding the jacking point cover I have a bit of metal which can cover it , just need to paint it. Ideally I want the original cover but everyone knows how impossible they are to get hold of .

Looks great! Well done! Maybe have one of the sideskirt covers re made and sprayed to complete the kit! :)
Had my cruise control fitted today by A2 Cars, top job by Tony and Jeff as always. Never been to a cleaner garage before, was spotless.
I am more than happy with their work and i will be using A2 Cars from now on .

Big thanks again


Whilst Tony was installing my cruise control, he noticed an unidentified little red box under the module in the footwell passenger side. It seems to be connected directly to the main power. I have no idea what it is, I'm guessing the previous owner might of put some sort of tuning thing on. You can just about see it on the picture. Very strange.