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Hi All,

A new line has been added to the Merchandise store, either access via the merchandise link and select clothing store from the main menu, or to be taken directly to the bags select this link

Use them to carry things around when at one of the car shows, or to keep this odds and sods that are rolling around in your boot.

LOTS OF COLOURS AVAILABLE in both the white/red image format or the black/grey format

If people prefer to save on the postage costs, I could place a single order for multiple bags, you will still be able to choose your bag colour as I wouldn't have to place them all for the same colour. Payment could then either be made at the next show, or via PayPal to me with the postage being worked out and paid on collection as it will depend on how many are ordered.

gym bag.jpeg
If i order a couple of bags are you able to bring them to Kempton?

Looking at the site they are quoting estimated delivery date of 30th May, so to late for Kempton.
Options are
you can order directly from the link in the post above and have them delivered estimated 30th to your home
you can ask me to hold an order pending others requesting to reduce the postage costs and collect at Vag at the Manor (if you are coming) or I could post onwards

I'm really pleased with the quality of these

Regards Yvonne
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All cars are welcome good bad and ugly ---its part of being in the club-if we meet up before going into the show ill let you have a stand pass. I do try and make it clear that no matter what the condition you can "show" your car. Glad your joining us cheers mike

Please add your name here so i can let the organisers know how big an area we need--
Mark, as discussed dear chap, there is no snobbery or standard that any car (or owner) must pass. Your car is in good shape and that interior of yours will put many to shame. Having your car lined up with others, chewing the fat and sharing ideas is all part and parcel of the event and being part of the club. Get yourself signed up. You have my number if you want to catch up beforehand.

To be honest i haven't got a clue,i just thought it's a turn up and park up type affair. Anyway,i'm sure the cars not good enough to display.
Hi Vonnie,
surprised nobody has mentioned overalls as we are all usually working in them to keep these Old bits of aluminium in tip top shape

Yes it is surprisingly, but also lucky as overalls are not shown on our suppliers site and the closest that I can add to an overall would be a Onesie! :p; and no I haven't added this to the website but if someone wants to order one than of course it can be done.


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