OSRAM LED Fog & DRL lights install


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I started the install of the Osram combined LED DRL and FOG lights. I will borrow some photos from the German A2 forum.
This is the Lights:

My first idea was to keep the Foglight glass and place the new light behind it. When I examined the front glass I realized that the glass was so blasted that it was not an option. If my fog lights been in perfect condition I would have chosen this way as it looks better.

The simplest way is to it the same way as A2-D2 on the A2 freunde forum (A2FF) with is to use the old Fog light housing as a frame.

1)Remove the reflector insert.

2)Removing the front glass. I placed the fog light in the oven at 120 degree C to soften up the rubber compound. Then I step by step expanded the gap between the glass and housing. A thin knife is handy to cut the compound. I had to repeat the whole procedure 3 times. Be careful for glass chips when you bend.

3)I expanded the hole a few mm using a Hole saw with the diameter of 89-90 mm . Real easy job.

4)Then it is only to mount the new light in it.

The only thing left is alignment that will be done after wiring.

John M.

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1) Is the use of the A2 frame required for installing the lamps??

2) if you had good original lamps would that have meant a double glass layer or
would you have tried to remove the glass form the Osram lights?

DJ 190

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I think that this thread will give you all the information that you require. I've converted those fog lights to DRL's for under £10! Give it a read. Here :-