Pondering; A1 MMI for single din dash.


doesn't require an amp, but it works very well with one, especially as the rear output can be used for a sub. That's what I've done, with a wee 8" under the false floor. Phone calls are awesome, very clear. Need to move the mic to the top of the driver's a-pillar, that is still to be done. The EQ and DSP is astounding for a €130 head unit... the app is important but it works pretty well. Phone sits rock-solid (we did some backroad stuff last Friday with the new tyres to scrub them in and it the Nokia 7.2 sat securely in there the entire time). Very happy, not played with EQ properly yet, just begun to get it dialled in and the sub HP / door LP set nicely.


couple of pics. First up, phone in place; the phone is a Nokia 7 plus. You can see the title is pushed out over BT. No connections needed. Spotify in car mode works, too.

The wood cover is simply because I moved my single-DIN aircon panel down years ago when I thought I'd be doing something with a 7" TFT, and obviously that's changed...

the DSP and audio options are all available from the app. There's an awful lot there, including full 31 band EQ. I haven't needed it.

With the phone holder tucked back in: (you take the front off, push it back in, then put the front on again). This is without the bezel.

(and turned off, obviously).
The amps and sub are sitting under the secondary floor in the boot. Need to tidy up some wiring here, but the principle is sound. They are also bolted down.

Power-wise, that sub is getting around 120W, as are the fronts - those 350.2s are running TW for tweeters and MW for Mids. The sub has its own 300.1 underneath.

Quick vid will follow. The bass is overblown when standing still. Call quality is excellent.
Not happy that the nav integration is only to maps, but I have no issue with Here and then switching to Spotify to mess with music - bu you don't even need to do that - next track is on the top right button, so it's pretty simple.


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Looking good. My unit is due this week though with a poorly 90 outside I think the sub install might have to wait.