Rumbly bearing noise under bonnet


At idle I can hear a bearing type rumble on my tdi90 I initially thought it was a cambelt or Drivebelt pulley. However using a stethoscope suggests it is coming from the gearbox end of the engine. Clutch in or out makes no difference and it disappears at anything above idle. The car drives well and the Clutch works as it should. I'm thinking DMF. Is this possible? Otherwise it's got to be bottom end bearings, but I don't think so. The car has done 210k kilometres
Thanks for this, it confirms my suspicions. I will look at a dmf replacement. It will be some time though as I would like to do the job properly and find a 6 speed gearbox to fit at the same time
I think there is stock in italy for 500 euros of LUK part number ending 710
Almost certainly the DMF as they typically last until around 180-240,000 KM. You want a genuine OE one made by LUK if at all possible.

THIS is the cheapest price I've seen for a long time so I would seriously consider purchasing it right away without a confirmed diagnosis - alas they don't ship to the UK so I can't pick one up for future-proofing unless I can find a willing member in the EU to ship one to so they can then get it to me - ideally in the boot of a private vehicle to try and avoid VAT!