Seduced by extras. Caveat emptor!

That's been a quick year!

Since 2018 it had a visit to WOM for gearbox turret, exhaust flex, gearbox oil change, rear brakes, service and MOT.
Had the Timmus on it for CC, MFSW, connects thingy and I continue to drive it and forget about it.

It does everything it should, without complaint, until....

The wheel bearing off side was a bit noisey, so took it to a local VAG independent and got this


Have been promising myself to get a few jobs done, so this will be the catalyst.
So a quick attack while I'm feeling keen


That was the easy bit. Time then to get the grown-ups toys out.

Didn't think it was going to do it. Took the under tray off ready to remove the shaft. Went to the n/s side and tried that one. It's a very satisfying bang when it finally lets go. Then went back to the o/s and tried again, BANG, that one gave aswell. It then has to be pushed/pulled? the whole way out.



Everything came apart Ok except the TRE nuts, I had to split them. Even the speed probes came out.


Tomorrows a clean up day, off to Snowdonia on Monday so may drop off the bearings for pulling on that am.
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Audi must have had a deal on that 'anti fretting compound' cos they used it liberally
along with a little rust it makes them a pig to remove