Steering angle sensor

Lights are on. scan says 778 - steering angle sensor G85.
The tracking was a bit out and the steering wheel not straight when driving straight.
Tracking done and the wheel is now straight but the lights stay on and wont cancel.
Any options or do I need to replace the sensor
just been reading some threads on vcds. I need to find someone local and let them see what they come up with I think.
Anybody know somebody with vcds in or around Rutland/east mids area


Hi all.
I had this on a beetle tdi many years ago. You need to check the steering angle position(via vcds) with steering wheel straight. If this error has only occurred since you have had the tracking done then maybe your steering wheel has been removed/replaced incorrectly. As a visual indicator you can check the alignment mark on steering column/steering wheel after you have safely removed the steering wheel airbag. Then remove nut holding steering wheel on column.
If you are good with spanners.
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@stevec forgot to mention. You must disconnect the car battery before you go anywhere near airbags and dissipate any power left in the car by turning the headlights on for a couple of seconds then back off.
Thanks for all the god advice.
Having now gone for a longer drive the lights have gone out. No idea why but not questioning it


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Some sensors need to learn how the car operates to clear errors. In the case of the steering angle sensor it talks to the ABS, traction control and esp systems to work out what the car is doing. The drive has allowed these systems to resynchronise and work correctly.