TDi 90 economy.


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Here a couple photos I took last Thursday driving from Gloucestershire to Stansted airport with 1 passenger
The trip and odometer were zeroed when filled the with Shell Nitro diesel on Wednesday night so the third start from cold,first trip 14 miles second trip 5 miles was showing 62 mpg when left for Stansted the photos were taken on the M25/M11 Motorway speeds were about 60 mph apart from the numerous 50 mph roadworks My speedo reads true on 205/50/16 Goodyear efficientgrip tyres,this was the best range showing 605 plus 172.2 =777.2 miles! Best mpg was after i got to Great Dunmow near Stansted after 198 miles 71.4 mpg
Still away from my best of 77.3 mpg when driving from Bristol to Tom's in Lancaster
I will have a go at cracking the 80 mpg when I've got the time, but probably wait until got a 6 speed box
This in a stealthed TDI 90
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Hi all, just to add to this, TDI 90 on 15" pepperpots.
Last wkend two up (plus camping gear and 4 days beer rations) Doncaster to Glastonbury and Back, at mostly 75-80mph, 480 miles on a tankful. I was impressed as we carried loads and didn't hang about as its such a long drive.
Ace car!