Tesco Momentum 99 RON Petrol

Dubiously Used a tank of this last week in my 1.4 petrol (smaller 34 litre tank), MPG calculated at 50.79 (343 miles for 30.74 litres).

Over the winter I haven't seen anything near 343 miles per tank more likley just about 300, so I do think you do get more miles from this fuel. What I have to work out though is it worth it for mile on mile extra cost with standard 95RON.

Got another tankfull this morning, and I think I can still improve on the MPG as there was a few un-economic moments last week.

Will report back again with new MPG figure when empty.


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That's pretty good! I can count using a single hand the number of times I saw 300 miles from one tank and I'm either on v-power or tesco 99! Having said that, I don't spend much time in 5th gear... Well done, that's not bad going for the old petrol. I also find tesco 99 quite sweet at the top end of the rev range, a bit more responsive at 4k+ rpm than standard, on par with v-power.
I have to use 98 or higher in my roadster

I use the Tesco 99 all the time and car goes so much better on it

The first week of ownership I had to use 95 in an emergency as I couldn't find a higher grade, never ever again.

The car seemed like it was broken, power was down, fuel consumption up, thought I had bought the wrong car.

It took a couple of tanks of 99 to get it back to where it should be.

Shell V power made no improvement over the Tescos 99 but other claim to notice a difference and some prefer Tescos 99, seems all cars are a little funny to what they prefer.
Are you sure it is nothing to do with the weather warming up a little bit of late?
Fair comment but around my way last week it was still chilly with at least 3 days where I had to scrape frost off the windscreen before heading off to work.

I think after this tank of 99 I will try a tank of regualr shell which in the past seems to have produced higher MPG figures than Esso or equivalent and compare with these new figures to see if I'm wasting paying the extra.

Other factors to consider is my commute now consists of a 22mile A-road run where you can almost maintain 40-60 the entire journey with very few stops.

My A2 is poverty spec with no A/C, just blowers unfortunatly, so probably saving a bit there...

Recently had my throttle body cleaned which was causing nightmares with cutting out,EPC lights etc...I think it was hitting the old MPG pretty hard.
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fair enough, I have climate on 20C without exception ;-) Warmer climate should make mpg worse unlike a diesel. The 1.4 doesn't need idle warm up when it is freezing, you just drive it gently until it gets hits the temperature. In fact, the small block generates little heat at idle, you'd be wasting a lot of fuel to wait for it to warm up enough without load. I've done it before, much better just get in the car and drive straight away. Cold dry air is what the 1.4 loves, especially with v-power/tesco 99.

Shell standard is known for better response (not sure about MPG) than other brands. From memory, Tesco 95 was also chemically tested to have higher than claimed Octane although I didn't notice much difference compared to others (shell 95 excepted). V-power and shell 95 has a noticeable difference in mpg, partly also because I hit the revs harder with the std stuff ;-)
Well I cocked that up a bit, ended up going to london for the weekend and then didn't have enough cash to get a full tank when empty... had just hit 340 miles for the tank but now I can't remember if that was pre or post 'claxon'. Got another tank this morning, should be a more average week of driving...
Just found this on the net which is reasonably interesting. Only thing is I try and avoid regualr supermarket petrol like the plauge as I always seem to get short changed on miles per tank. So I'm unsure how the figures in this report would match up against 'quality' 95 ron petrol.
Just found this on the net which is reasonably interesting. Only thing is I try and avoid regualr supermarket petrol like the plauge as I always seem to get short changed on miles per tank. So I'm unsure how the figures in this report would match up against 'quality' 95 ron petrol.
This is interesting reading, it would be interesting to do a study like this across all the fuel brands avaible. But I guess the maufatures would not be to happy if there was denfitive test of who has the best preference on there fuel. Especially if they are not on top of the list.

Right, from that last tank of Momentum I got an average of 49.5 mpg at a price of 138.9p p/l. I'm now running a tank of regular esso at a cost of 132.9 p/l As fuel costs keep fluctuating I'll try and base 'worth' on these figures as they were the closest two figures I've got. Also I suspect the price difference (6p) will always be roughly the same.

Another run to London this weekend will disturb my average commuting figures, so I'll run another tank of 95 ron after this (I'll try and get Shell) to see where we stand.

How did I become such a fuel geek? :confused: Everyone else I know just chucks it in and moans about the price...


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i think you'll find it hard to justify based on purely MPG. I use almost exclusively v-power because it is more enjoyable to drive in all conditions, the increased mpg is a bonus. I can't proof it, but I'm hoping the 'cleaning agents' in the premium fuel keeps the line and throttle body relatively clean as mine isn't an FSI.
Fair comment Humps, and I'm thinking the same way basically - if the cost is negligible between the two then I’ll probably continue getting the 99 Ron, It’ll just be interesting to see how the figures come out.

Still can’t shake off this bet with myself to get 400miles from a tank, god knows why...