The boot gas strut springs mod WARNING DO NOT FIT THEM.


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Please take note of this warning. I know several members on here decided to fit the springs with or without the stronger gas struts.

Well here is my warning. I have now known of one hinge fracture, two occasions of the strut ripping out the mounting ball and four cars that had dampness in the rear of the car. In the dampness cases the gas strut springs were exerting enough pressure on the closed and locked hatch to cause the hatch to deform away from the weather seals on the upper sides. This in turn let water in and caused staining on two of them and the other two staining and detached roof liner.

So please if you have fitted this mod check your car very carefully and reassess if you really want this mod. It probably works very well on steel bodied cars but not the A2.
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I bought the springs but before I came to fit them @Mka306 Mark posted about the fracture he experienced - this convinced me to leave well alone. Also if you discount the wow / theatrical value, this mod really does not offer anything at all over the standard setup.


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I bought the springs but before I came to fit them @Mka306 Mark posted about the fracture he experienced - this convinced me to leave well alone. Also if you discount the wow / theatrical value, this mod really does not offer anything at all over the standard setup.

I was of the same frame of mind, bought a set for each car and never fitted them. Anyone need red springs?

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So is it safer to just order from Audi dealer the original spec as just seen this advert on internet:


Product Code: GSC1066
£15.59 inc. vat
£12.99 ex. vat

A single Audi A2 tailgate/boot gas strut manufactured in the UK with a 2 year warranty and new end fixings. Replaces part number(s) 8Z0827552A 8Z0827552B.
UK Made - not a cheap imitation from the Far East or EU.
We recommend always replacing struts as a pair to keep the force even between them - often replacing just one strut causes the older strut to fail soon after. This is because even if an old strut hasn’t totally failed, it will have lost pressure and matching it with a new strut will cause unequal forces between the two struts, side loading and premature failure of both struts.
  • 30 years manufacturing experience
  • In stock & ready to ship for next day delivery
  • Heavy duty industrial grade gas struts
  • Includes simple to follow fitting instructions
  • Need help? Call our team on 01332 576 850
  • Please check the part number on your old gas strut before ordering. Click here for help finding the part © 2021 SGS Engineering (UK) Ltd


This was my worry when I first heard of this spring mod. There is a lot of force being exerted on the strip mounting points and tail gate
The A2 was not designed with these forces so personally I discounted the mod as a ‘daft idea’
The design of a gas strut means that there is force applied to move the strut but one the strut is stationary the force needed to hold the strut in that position is much less
Springs are totally different and will exert the face all the time the spring is under compression - here lies the inherent problem with the auto opening tail gate mod

Cheers. Paul

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I fitted the stabilus struts and did get the springs (they were so cheap - no harm)

However, after fitting just the new struts I was so delighted with the new performance and lifting capacity I decided the springs weren’t really needed. The tailgate glides up from the bottom nice and smoothly and holds very well at the top.

A good call on the struts for me and an innovative mod on the part of the inventor. I bet it meets his needs very well since he decided it was an essential thing to add. Not for everyone though.


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Springs just not suitable for the aluminium structure. Probably works very well on steel bodied cars. For the A2 the gas struts would probably have to be replaced with an electrically operated actuator(s) instead. This would also require additional safety microswitches to ensure the boot unlatched before opening and powered off once shut.


My car has Chrome Struts on the tail gate (I can take a picture if necessary), but I suspect the previous owner fitted them and they are undersized as the boot 'slams' shut if you do not hold its weight when closing it. Were cars fitted with Chrome struts or all black? Just trying to work out if they are OEM and failed or a modification that's not fit for purpose.


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@shao_khan Chrome struts may have just been a different manufacturer. Would not say a modification. Does indeed sound like you are in dire need of replacement struts. Slightly stronger than factory spec is not an issue, especially if you have either a Votex spoiler or the original spoiler filling up with water, or even both!


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I "think" OEM is Stabilus for the A2 - you can pick up a pair of these for under £20 (plus postage) and I can confirm they fit very well.

Part number is listed as 024335 for info.
I just ordered some for Akoya and they’ve gone up - cheapest I could find were €37 posted from EU.

Edit: eBay link
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I just ordered some for Akoya and they’ve gone up - cheapest I could find were €37 posted from EU.

Edit: eBay link

ouch - ordered a pair as part of a larger order for £15 back in July! Note I bought from Autodoc when I was ordering brakes, and some brake accessories for my wife's V40 also so that it was over the min order amount to avoid postage.
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so is it wort to make the strut+spring mode modification? Passat b5.5 boot struts and red springs.
I have all the components but i don't want to make any future damage to the structure.

what do you think, is it worth it?

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If there is the potential for damage to the boot hinges etc then I would say not....its not worth the risk.


did anybody have problems with this mode ? or is just presumptions ?
I experienced no such reported problems with my spring loaded and uprated struts.

However, I think I was lucky in that respect and I decided to replace them back with my 'oem" Stabilus struts after all.

I don't mind the absence of the auto lift function and the hatch is now easier to shut again too.

It was the thought that the tailgate joints will always be under compressive load in the closed position that I found disconcerting. Especially, when the car is driving and dynamic amplification of this compressive load manifests. Over time this could cause fatigue of the joints and failure I believe, which some others have experienced already.

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I installed the red springs today. I found some resistance to shut the boot door… the applied more force and heard an odd sound coming from hinges area.
I checked if the hack worked an it did well. The boot door lifts with the key button as a rocket.
BUT… then I noticed the gap between the door and roof now is wider… no neat al all. Plus, the door doesn’t join well at sides.
Some pictures.


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