turbo mandrake and the new adventures of an a2

hi everyone, ive only recently joined and already posted, so i thought id introduce myself, im a part time motor trader and car enthusiast, ive wanted an a2 for ages and never seem to be in the right place at the right time, anyhow mine popped up on farcebook near to me, so i went and had a deal and bought a 218k 75 1.4 tdi se, its really tidy for age inside and out, gearbox synchros shot in 2/3/4th, so have obtained the jdd 5 speed which will be fitted in due course, then on to a myriad of weight saving and aero mods i think, anyway here it is.

Consider seeking out a six speed to slot in if you can. There are some who report the JDD gear set to have such wide gaps between the ratios that it’s a sub-optimal solution. Also if sticking with 5 gears there are other options that are a good upgrade but not quite as long-legged.

Have a gander at the various threads on the subject.
MYP is a great option. 1 to 5 are as the standard gearbox, so 6th is like an overdrive for cruising/motorway.

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ive got the jdd gearbox already guys, 6 speeder is more expensive to buy, and the 5 speeder was at a local scrapyard, so i took it out myself.