Viewing forum on an iPhone


I'm not sure if I've inadvertently changed a preference setting on my phone, or if something has been changed at the Forum end, but since this morning when I try to view a thread on my iPhone, I'm confronted with the thread itself greyed-out and the option of "Open this topic on..." followed by a choice of either Tapatalk or Safari.

I don't use either. Firefox is by far my favourite option as I can continue browsing across all of my devices, picking up where I left off on another device. Is there something I can do to allow me to view threads on Firefox?


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Yes, I got that message, but I use Safari on my old iPad so I just picked it, but not tried my Windows desk top yet. Ask your question on Ben's 'Forum Update' thread started late Sunday.



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I tried using Firefox on my iPhone. Selected the continue next to Safari and the page continued to display in Firefox, and all subsequent pages loaded in Firefox also
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