What's the biggest item you transported in your A2 ?


Picking up a chest of drawers 160x90x50 later today and will attempt to fit it in/ strap down with boot open.

As per title what's the biggest item you ever managed to transport with your A2 ? Pics welcome!


A three extension ladder that measures 2.41m when closed. Completely reclined passenger seat and ladder fitted into passenger footwell and the rear hatch closed properly. In a separate load I managed a washing machine and a 50cm fridge at the same time.


Armchair but still room to spare. Also a fridge on another occasion but again room to spare. There's a reason why the A2 is called a Tardis ;)


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Double bed complete with headboard (disassembled) and sundry DIY items. Achieved with rear seats folded, false floor in situ, and a passenger in the front.

At the loading dock, the warehouse lads said 'no chance' when I reversed up. Hah!


IKEA Bonde wall unit consisting of 6 230cm high cupboards each 80cm wide, dismantled obviously, but removed rear seats and passenger seat - fitted easy. LG 7kg washing machine, in its box from Curry's (no rear seats).

I also collected a complete flat pack kitchen from IKEA, people chuckled as I pushed the trolley with this huge pile of heavy boxes towards the A2 ... until I opened the boot and they all slid in. As I departed I smiled and said "plus it'll do 70mpg on the way home" (mainly downhill) :). I left the couple with the Frontera still trying to get the circular table into their boot, which simply was too big for the opening, am I the only one that works out the size of the object and how it will fit BEFORE leaving home...!

Best one was all the launch signage and ballast for the launch of the Audi R8 V10+ at Bedford Autodrome. Rear and passenger seats out, 22 signs, each 8ft long plus 22 sand bags, I reckon 300kg all in. The A2 was certainly higher on the way home!


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my entire workshop...

consisting of a wood lathe, a bench grinder, a router table, a dovetail machine, chop saw, press drill, bandsaw, table saw, 4 drills in cases, Stanley pull along toolbox and a great many boxes of screws...

And I still did 80mph on the motorway moving it all to its new home...


sadly dint take the pix but transported mini bricks n tiles from essex to leicester. full load in a2 1.4 petrol. it was unfair but she dint let me down n nothing broken! she did throw couple of power train errors on the way back, cant remember exactly but i had the obd reader handy so i deleted them n carried on...!
fire place pics here..hehe


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A washing machine...
That's not a world record, there was still much room left :)

My R-class has seen many more impressive cargo loadings