1.2 tdi front suspension died!


Hello everyone

On my way to the store a loud "CLUNK" from the front right of the car. Steering started pulling heavily to the right. On my way back jacked the car, removed the wheel, ball bearings raining and this:

IMG_6135 (1).JPGIMG_6137 (1).JPG

The front of the car has been nose diving when braking since I have it so I was thinking of replacing everything(shocks, springs and...). Is that a do-able job if I'm having the struts assembled somewhere (i don't have anything to compress the springs)?

From this part list:
Should I replace everything from 1 to 11 or I can re-use some parts without a problem?

I will order the parts from here (they also do business in the Netherlands):

Any suggestion on which parts brand to use? I would like to restore original ride/quality.

Thank you for your precious help

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Replacing the front struts becomes slightly awkward on the UK drivers side of the car due to the position of the brake fluid reservoir. It has to be unbolted and set to one side to gain access to the top bolts. I replaced all items 1 to 11... it seemed to make sort of sense with it all in bits. I did use genuine Audi nuts and bolts as it is advisable to replace them with new... they were not too expensive.

The original Audi springs are colour dot coded which denote the weight and specc of your car. My dealer came up with the correct ones but they were expensive and other members may be able to help you with alternatives.

Munroe or bilstein shock absorbers seem to be popular... it is a personal preference though.

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As Rab suggests, the options are limited with 1.2 suspension options. I came to the conclusion that when I renew mine, I will be sticking to OE shocks at least, and probably OE springs too.


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I went to the Audi dealership this morning, Springs: 125€ each and shocks 245€ each (front only)... So with bearings, small parts, etc. It's ~850€ (21% taxes included) job. I ordered the springs, bearings, and struts mount but the shocks were just too much for now...

I looked at the options on the german forum, The Bilstein would have been an interesting option since they are:200€ for the four corner but from what I understand the original front springs don't fit with them. The guy used front spring from a Polo 86c 2F. I just bought 250€ springs so it's kind of not option for me I guess...

I'm still hoping to find a good bolt on alternative... Anyone?
Not sure if it's relevant, but soon after converting to Bilstein, the owner (Wulfi) sold the car!

I will stand corrected RAB but I think one or two members have reported a slight rise in "ride height" at the front when fitting Bilsteins. :confused:
I don't know where you are in the Netherlands... I had a broken spring and I had both my front springs and shocks replaced for € 300 (€ 150 parts and 3 hours labour) by Paul Derks in Riethoven. This was on my previous A2 (AUA engine) - I don't know whether an 1.2 TDI is more complicated though.

Paul has all the necessary tools and he does know his way around the A2; he has built an 1.9 TDI engine with 6-speed gearbox in his A2...
hoi Peter,

I'm near The Hague, quite a ride to Riethoiven... :(
Indeed, the problem is the 1.2 TDI Audi 3l, from what I can understand no bolt-on aftermarket parts exist... looks like I either have to take a chance with the Bilstein setup (~360€ front and rear) found on german forum:

Stossdämpfer: Bilstein 22-044761 VNE-4476 45,50€
Domlager: Bilstein 12-225323 30,00€
Feder: Bilstein 36-131105 42,10€

Stossdämpfer: Bilstein 19-109572 BNE-A957 37,60€
Domlager: Bilstein 12-117840 15,00€

Or go with expensive parts from the dealer... If I didn't buy those springs from the dealer I would be very tempted by the Bilstein setup... anyone needs brand new OEM springs? ;)
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All parts came in today.

Bottom bolts came out quite easily but 2 bolts out of 3 spins freely.... I have new suspension strut mount, bearings, and bolts so I don't care about destroying them but there is not a lot of space to cut the screws....

Any advice or tricks?

Thank ou so much
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After grinding for way too long with the dremel equiped with the 90 degree add-on, the strut came of... now the car is pulling on the left instead of the right... ;) I think left springs needs to go too now. Hope i will be more lucky with the 3 top bolts.