Handbrake Cable Group Orders

Evening all,

Here are all the group order relevant posts from Steve handbrake cable thread. This has been provided to maintain the flow of the original thread whilst we all add our interest here for Rick @Rickmeister to selflessly supply us with what we desire.

I'll build the lists later on this evening. Of note, I'm here just conducting assistance as this is a Rick's and Ian's @in9999 venture. Rick is going to send the order to Ian, who will distribute to everyone here in the UK.

Whilst the registered interest is extracted to build the lists, I'll also try to tidy it up without ruining the flow of this new thread.

Have a great evening/weekend everyone.

Here's the lists as I read the posts:

List 1 Qty 11 (complete)
1. @dj_efk
2. @vagdream
3. @in9999
4. @Special edition
5. @2work x2
6. @Ami
7. @scimmyowner x2
8. @Proghound
9. @Evoman

List 2 Qty 10 (complete)
1. @Walkersman
2. @ANDYT x2
3. @Erlingtheyounger
4. @audifan
5. @Dmytro x2
6. @tipomark
7. @Skipton01
8. @donp38

List 3 Qty 9 (complete)
1. @dodders
2. @Thedudeabides
3. @JavaGreen x2
4. @justin-20V
5. @mcauleyj x2
6. @A2Z
7. Axit
8. @Andrew

List 4 Qty 8 (complete)
1. tdiquattro x2
2. @Sidewinder
3. @Alan_uk
4. @whatevershebringswesing
5. @Phil FSI
6. @Weigh6
7. @413
8. @p1lyp
9. @George Hogg x1

List 5 Qty 10 (email Rick now)
1. @George Hogg x2
2. @Cenick
3. @kixey
4. @Edwrai
5. @simufly
6. @LK79
7. @Pdeuce
8. @Richard77
9. @KozMo

List 6 Qty 10 (email Rick now)
1. @greymc
2. @fhl
3. @Butlers1594
4. @nod
5. @yellowskunkcabbage
6. @fbson
7. @Bernie
8. @Jonathan L
9. @CrispyEdd
10. @Shoestring7

List 7 Qty 12 (email Rick now)
1. @tdiquattro x2
2. @Axit
3. @Howey
4. @Ozzie x2
5. @Imola Yellow

6. @Hef
7. @ecoangel
8. @greywolfhound
9. @Darren C
10. @whatevershebringswesing

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Hi guys,

Would it be possible to add my name to the new handbrake cable list when another order is made please?


Hi guys,

Would it be possible to add my name to the new handbrake cable list when another order is made please?


There doesn't need to be another group order just for handbrake cables, you can get one in the next Audi Tradition order being co-ordinated and shipped by @Rickmeister - see the current thread here.
For me the URL link is broken

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Which link isn’t working for you Sir. I’ve jus checked the Audi Tradition handbrake cable link in the earlier posts and the October 2023 group order that Ian @Proghound added; all work for me.

What are you trying to achieve as last years October group order is complete. Maybe you need to wait for Rick @Rickmeister to announce when the next offer of support is going to commence.

Kind regards,

Sorry didn’t make it clear & was referring to the current thread here “link”. I then backtracked into the main forum and found the February AT thread which I’m guessing it refers to (as you say closed)

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Just following along, If you need a cable then it is always possible to order. I hadn't thought of offering another group buy for AT and Volico but it would be easy to do. Sixerj, if you need a cable sharpish for an MOT or similar, I think there are a couple of hundred across the forum and a loan and replace may get you sorted quickly.

What to do about a Group order.... it would be end of April now... any interest?
Hi all apologies for not paying proper attention. Now tagged as a watched thread

I have new rear, discs, pads, callipers, slides, suspension, flexi pipes in my parts stash for the rear (plus a whole lot more), & as handbrake is terrible, may as well replace the guide tube and cables all at the same time

Guide tube is universal for all models (8Z0711951C), but does or can the group buy cover the rear flexi cables which also seem to be in stock, alternatives on AutoDoc seem to be pretty crappy manufacturer options

Think the other parts for the 1.6FSI to complete the job would be / any differences between say a 2002 and 2004 FSI I need to worry about?

Rear Handbrake cables
1x 8z0609721e
1x 8z0609722d

In summary, I'm in for 2x Guide tubes for both cars and two sets of flexi cables (if possible)
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I’d be interested in the hand brake cables sir
Not a problem but help me to help you...

There is another thread here: https://www.a2oc.net/community/index.php?threads/at-and-volico-april-2024.55106/#post-561700

This is about the order process which means I don't need to scan the A2OC site for things people want. It also helps me compile things at my end and look after the items (some orders have 50 things on them) as well as the reimbursements. I'm not in the motor trade or in any way connected to Audi, or make any profit from this. I just live in Germany and do this for members who want to keep their car on teh road and use OEM bits you cant get, post Brexit.

Just click teh link up there ^^^ and its all explained...