Is this real Color Storm?


Hello all, found this A2 at local market, and will go to take a look at it tomorrow. However, there is small detail that bothers me. Is this the real Color Storm or not. What confuses me is the black stripe missing in rear and front bumper. As well the seats inside are black only. What do you think?


The car has fog lights, el. windows front and back, OSS (not working, but I believe it can be repaired), the add says its Euro3 (is it really?), radio is not original one but aftermarket, wheels as can be seen on picture (another thing that puts me in doubt is real color storm). Please advice.


In germany at least, you were able to opt out of the coloured seats on the Colour.Storm models. I assume the same went for other markets that didnt just have 1 or 2 main "lines" like the UK.

This looks like a Colour.Storm that has had the front and rear repainted (possibly due to collision/accident?) but without going for the extra cost to reapply the black on top. I doubt whether anyone would ruin a non-CS Sprintblue car like this.

Edit: I don't think the CS Package (once again, in Germany) included more than limiting colour choice to blue/red/yellow/orange/silver(/beige), adding the black accents and the option to have coloured seats with nets on the back.


Seb Gurky,
you explanation why bumpers are missing the black top makes sense. Something happen with them, so they were repainted or even changed.
will ask the owner for honest answer, and survey the car to see if any marks or traces can indicate the extent of the damage.

As far as I am informed, in the event of a major accident, the car cannot be repaired due to the aluminum frame. Correct me if I am wrong.
Many thanx for your opinion.

do they have euro 4 engines built after 2003? BHC maybe?

i want to say i have never driven a diesel a2 so far. I heard the three cylinders shake like you're driving a tractor. On your forum, however, I got the feeling that you mostly prefer diesels than petrol.
Is it true that diesel, thanks to the turbine, is much more responsive and the ride is more dynamic?

BTW, is there any chance to get the information about major damage due to accident with help of vag-com cable?


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The diesel engined A2 can be a more relaxing drive due to the torquey engines requiring fewer gear changes. Yes the diesel is not the quietest around but it does has a distinctive noise being three cylinders but shake like driving a tractor, NO slight vibration but certainly not offensive. The diesel is more popular due to being more reliable than the more powerful petrol engines although a recent ECU modification discussed on here is very much putting the 1.6 FSI back on the map as very practicle and much more alternative to the diesels. Also petrol engines generally to higher Euro emission standard. If you have never driven a diesel powered A2 and bearing in mind do not know what you have driven or indeed if you have already decided what they are like, then drive one with an open mind and even better an open road and make your own conclusions. Major damage very unlikely to show up on Vag Com but certainly worth doing a scan for any hidden issues which could be used to bargain the price. Perhaps you could contact insurance companies, government testing centers or any other regulatory bodies in your country to verify if the vehicle has had damage. Perhaps another way is to carry out your equivalent of an HPI check, can not help you further on that. In the Uk if we try to advertise a car on Autotrader it flags up if the vehicle has been insurance categorised vehicle.


do they have euro 4 engines built after 2003? BHC maybe?
BHC (75 hp) ATL (90 hp) and the 1.2 (3L) should be Euro 4 compliant. BUT it is essential to check with local authorities as databases can be flawed.

See Audi's official 2004 price list below:



Hello A2 fans,
FYI I went to see the A2 and it was a wreckage. Really in bad condition, bumpers were painted, three windows were changed, really in bad, bad condition. However i made a test drive. It was diesel 75HP. And i was shocked, The car was flying. The torque in this low reps astonished me. My petrol cant accelerate like this, no way. So i fall in love in diesel. Now searching all over EU for a nice 90HP. I want it badly.
Seems like i found one in italy. Anyone interested follow this link

The car looks nice, with low Km, and i will try to go for a test drive. It is 6 hours drive to get there, but i hope it is going to worth the effort.

As the car needs to be imported to my country (Slovenia) some taxes needs to be payed. For calculation of tax, there is a field asking me about particles emission (not CO2 which is 116g/km)). The field is asking me if the emission of particles is lower than 0,005g/km. Does anyone have answer on this question?

BTW, when checking the cars all over EU, did anyone noticed that the prices for A2 are rising. In Germany for example, a diesel A2 in good condition is normally having price starting from 4500EUR upwards- If it is with low mileage, the price starts from 5500EUR. I think it is the last minute for me to buy a well preserved example of this car, before all the good ones get sold.


That TDI 90 looks okay though appears to have very little in the way of options.
In general, it seems to me that Diesel A2 in Italy have relatively low mileage.
Not sure if Italy is similar to the UK where Diesel appears to be better for low mileage/year as opposed to e.g. Germany where Diesel becomes cheaper to run than Petrol at around 20k km/year (therefore most Diesel A2s over here are rather high mileage o_O )
If it is not, be careful. Always gotta be wary of a tampered-with odometer. (To this day I still doubt the odometer on my petrol A2 😶)

Over in the german forums, someone posted the EU COC for an ATL in post 2 here:
On the bottom of the bottom right page, it says "Particles: 0,022g/km".

I agree that prices, especially for low mileage diesels, and even more so ATLs/TDI90s, appear to be going up and up.
I've been trying for the last 12 months to get my hands on a decent, low mileage example (admittedly in a weird colour and with good options since we have no Timmus over here 😅), but so far, no luck. If any like that shows up, it's usually like 6-7k+ with some sellers seemingly dreaming of 5 figures. Even then it's like people buy the good ones up in minutes to put them away. (I've had a seller of an 8k€ ATL tell me there were 2 others before me when calling 30mins after the ad went up...)

Compared to the UK especially, where seemingly good A2s seem to sell for far below 1000 Pounds, an example in drivable condition will usually never be <1100€ or so, prices are pretty insane compared to pretty much anything else on the market. You could have a car 10 years younger for the same price of a good A2. 😯

Good luck with your search, hope you find a decent example. (Might be worth it to research the ATL's ailments (turbo and DMF/clutch) first? You wouldn't want especialy the turbo to be near it's end)


Seb_Gurkyh thanks again for your quick reply and information provided.
Regarding the mileage control. dont you thing that VAG-COM cable can show pretty accurate information. I know that some dealers can also trick the ECU computer, but I believe that private sellers dont have this possibility.
Iam am also looking for an example with low mileage in "weird" colors if CS is what you meant, but this is pure lottery.
For anyone interested in full optional cars i suggest to check this page.
There are some cars, which were already sold, but it worth to take a look what the seller was offering. It looks he specialized in our A2s, and the price goes according to the condition, and is not low. Like you said, you can get yourself a car that is 10 years younger than an A2, but i simply dont want no other car.
Thanks again, and wish you a nice sunday.


I stumbled upon ways to alter the odometer when researching swapping out the tacho for one with the big display and I don't think it was a dealer-only thing unfortunately.
I think for the Diesels the km/miles number is saved in multiple locations though so maybe if it was tampered with you would find different values in different control modules. (Engine control unit & Tacho unit I think? - maybe someone can confirm this?)

Audi Exclusive in as "stupid" a colour as possible would be my favourite, but an Orange CS would also be nice, yeah. :D

That dealer is a bit high price-wise though certainly has had nice-spec cars. At least 2 of those cars I tried to buy from other sellers before they bought them and increased the price. (Not sure he does anything to them other than a clean and taking good photos)

Papaya CS FSI 2000€ (previous) -> 10000€ (Toms)
Sprintblue CS ATL/TDI90 ~6500€ (previous) -> 8000€ (Toms)

Of course, few "normal" dealers will want to sell a used car as old as A2s are these days for a "normal" price so it's usually only special cars that end up at a dealer, with considerable markup since someone always appears to buy them (and for warranty I suppose). (The Papaya FSI lasted about a week at that priceo_O)

PS: Since you're looking for cars internationally, have you heard of "the parking"? It's a site that can search for cars on most big used car sites in europe - been using this for a while to look for those Audi Exclusive cars ;) It updates about twice daily which I find is the most useful of all the sites like it.