This weekends mod - double DIN conversion without removing the dash


As many of you will know we fitted a DAB roof aerial to my sons A2 and couple of weeks ago, so now for the main event, an Android unit with DAB, Bluetooth streaming and phone calls, CD, nav and reverse camera. We had previously fitted the reverse camera whilst the headlining was removed to repair the open sky and it was easier to run the cable through the tailgate grommet and along the roof lining, down the A pillar and behind the glovebox. My son fitted the GPS aerial behind the instrument binnacle and the microphone for the hands free in the overhead interior light panel. So all the ancillaries were in place ready to change the original single DIN Audi radio for the double DIN unit.
After much consideration we thought it easier not to use the Audi double DIN cage that I purchased from A2Steve as it looked to be too hard to achieve. So I bought an aftermarket standard double DIN cage and made it work.

Firstly, with everything removed we cut the cross members out along with some protruding plastic on either side.

photo 19-05-2018, 11 34 00.jpg

photo 19-05-2018, 11 44 09.jpg

photo 19-05-2018, 11 59 47.jpg

The next thing was to place the climate panel in position, we had previously shaped the corners with a dremel to fit the dash

photo 19-05-2018, 12 03 03.jpg

The next job was to trim 7mm from each side of the Android unit

photo 19-05-2018, 12 17 47.jpg

We could then offer it up and determine how much to trim from the top and bottom, which was 6mm

photo 19-05-2018, 15 39 38.jpg

photo 19-05-2018, 15 44 24.jpg

Then it was a case of pop riveting the aftermarket cage in the correct position

photo 19-05-2018, 16 10 03.jpg

photo 19-05-2018, 16 10 16.jpg

Then, to hold the climate panel in position we made a metal brace and pop riveted the original plastic climate panel cross brace to it. We got it into the correct position to hold the climate panel and pop riveted the whole assembly to the sides of the dash

photo 19-05-2018, 17 17 24.jpg


The only thing left to do was to connect everything up and push the unit into position

photo 19-05-2018, 17 32 21.jpg

photo 19-05-2018, 20 44 47.jpg

After some initial issues with the DAB lead and getting a new one everything worked perfectly. As a bonus and a result of fitting the reverse camera, when the car is put into reverse it mutes the audio and we can hear the parking sensors.
We haven’t had chance to try the Bluetooth yet, but the DAB and FM works along with my sons music library that he uploaded to the unit.

Great result I think.


yes I think I did :)

nice OEM look, I hope the head unit last longer than my Chinese one did, now changed it for a Pioneer carplay 2Din unit, MUCH better


At least using the standard cage allows many other aftermarket units to fit, so if it doesn’t last we’ll get another. However, this one was not cheap, it was £287 with the reverse camera, so I hope it lasts for a while.


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Utterly brilliant work great mod ??.. I know the pain of doing the double din dash conversion all to well but this looks much easier and very OEM.. great results.

Gary - G

Have you by-passed the factory speaker wiring and amp?
I had an aftermarket unit in mine, but the rear speakers never worked..


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Constantly amazed at how you find ways of tackling repairs and mods like this.

Hats off to you.

I may be in touch shortly about this conversion, it ticks a lot of boxes for me.

Steve B