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Hi ian,
Was it the tyre valves being incorrectly aligned?
Where I work (Mercedes Benz World at Brooklands) every car on all of the floors have to have the tyre valve at the bottom and all of the Mercedes wheel covers have to have the logo pointing upwards.
That is forty cars times 4 wheels.
And they get moved around the floor often!!!

But it does look tidy!!!

Steve B
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Dick Chown Award 2016
Today I ......
Dropped my car off to Gary to replace the suspension on my silver TDI.
The ride was harsh/hard and the car has been lowered. It handled well and A2s tend to give a harsh ride mostly, but I travel on the toughest roads every day when I go to work.
So I opted for a standard setup. Bilstein B4 shocks all round and standard Monroe springs. Gary is replacing all of the other related parts such as the top mounts, bump stops, spring cup seats etc.
I am hoping to feel a significant improvement but I am not expecting miracles.
I am hoping that the ride height will look ok, I do like the drop and it fills the arches nicely and sets off the QT wheels well.
So this β€œbefore” picture gives the comparison between mine and my wife’s. Bottom picture is one I will use to compare the difference when I get it back
Fingers crossed that it looks ok (it should, because a standard A2 always does look great) we will see.
Steve B