VCDS (or Other) Free Scan Register - Volunteers Needed

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Event date: Tuesday 2030-12-31
Registration ends: Thursday 2021-04-01
# Username Guest count Note
1 luzt luzt 1 Sweden, central Linköping.
2 damadgeruk damadgeruk 1 I have registered VCDS lite.
3 P PaulA2 1 Full fat genuine VCDS and can code keys too
4 A Andrew 1 Full VCDS kit, scans and some simple coding. Available afternoons only.
5 timmus timmus 1 Full-fat, unlimited VCDS and intimate knowledge of the A2.
6 Bargepower Bargepower 1 Registered VCDS lite.
7 dj_efk dj_efk 1 Location will be Honiton (Devon / Somerset border) as of October. I have full VCDS but can only offer scans as I don't know how to use it beyond this!
8 kp 115 kp 115 1 Full VCDS unlimited, Heckington to Cambridge daily via A1/A14 corridor
9 Rusty911 Rusty911 1 Full VCDS Unlimited, Heathfield area of East Sussex
10 PlasticMac PlasticMac 1 VCDS
11 depronman depronman 1 Full Fat unlimited VCDS, door check straps, wiper arms and much more
12 O oneflewover 1 Leeds, read only
13 Darpod14 Darpod14 1 Registered VCDS lite, happy to do basic scans based in nw Manchester
14 2work 2work 1 Registered HEX-NET Unlimited: Free scans in Coalville, Leicestershire and along the A46 between Leicester and Lincoln.
15 Teresa Teresa 1 Norwich Norfolk. Full paid for VCDS Lite
16 simufly simufly 1 Full VCDS S Manchester
17 9 993BOY 1 Full VCDS Located near Llangadog/Llandeilo Wales
18 johnyfartbox johnyfartbox 1 Wigan area
19 Edwrai Edwrai 1 Full VCDS. available afternoon \ evenings. Worcestershire
20 Birchall Birchall 1 Full genuine unlimited VCDS. Happy to scan for errors or make any basic coding changes.
21 The Kitchpoos The Kitchpoos 1 I've not done a rsvp thing before. Happy to offer vcds service
22 herx herx 1 Shareware version of VCDS-lite
23 R Robmac 1  
Good Afternoon Again,

To follow up on my point and VIN limited VCDS.

AutoScan does not use up a VIN slot and that is all that is expected of a Register member. Actually other actions do not use up VINs, follow the link below by the Ross Tech head honcho for more detail if interested.

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