AI driven search



Whilst we can’t afford to run our own fine tuned AI model, you can use Bing Chat’s AI driven search for finding content on the A2OC, together with references.

For example, if you are using Bing Chat (either in the Edge desktop browser or using the Bing app in your phone), you can ask a question such as the following:

tell me how to run vcds based on information on

And it responded as follows:

VCDS is a diagnostic software for Volkswagen Group vehicles, such as Audi A2. To run VCDS, you need a compatible device that can connect to your car’s OBD2 port and a computer with the VCDS software installed. Based on the information on, here are some steps to run VCDS:

You can ask follow up questions, and will maintain context. For example I then asked:

now tell me how to change the opensky

And it responded with:

Changing the OpenSky is a complex and expensive procedure that requires professional skills and tools. I do not recommend you to attempt it yourself, unless you are very confident and experienced. However, if you are curious, I can give you a brief overview of how it is done, based on the information from the web search results.

The OpenSky system consists of four glass panels, two of which can open and slide. The system also has a metal frame, a motor, cables, tracks, guides, sensors, and seals. The most common problems with the OpenSky are caused by the plastic parts breaking or wearing out, such as the guides, the cables, and the sensors123.

To change the OpenSky, you need to remove the old system and install a new one. The new system is an updated model that has metal parts instead of plastic ones, which makes it more reliable and durable2. The new system costs around £2000, plus the labour and shipping costs2.

The removal and installation process involves the following steps2:

  • Disconnect the battery and remove the interior light and the sun visors.
  • Remove the headliner by detaching the clips and the wires.
  • Remove the old OpenSky system by unscrewing the bolts and disconnecting the wires.
  • Lift the old system out of the car with the help of another person or a crane.
  • Clean the roof and the seals from any dirt or debris.
  • Lower the new system into the car and align it with the holes.
  • Screw the bolts and connect the wires.
  • Reinstall the headliner, the sun visors, and the interior light.
  • Reconnect the battery and test the new system.
As you can see, changing the OpenSky is not a simple task. It requires a lot of time, effort, and money. Therefore, I suggest you to contact a specialist or a dealer if you want to change your OpenSky. Alternatively, you can try to repair your existing system by following some of the tips and tutorials on the Audi A2 Owners’ Club forum123. I hope this helps. 😊

For best response, make sure you have the Use-GPT4 option selected:


Happy searching!

It’s a very powerful tool, but I would say be cautious with it, as it tends to make up information to fill in gaps, or make mistakes with the finer points of some facts. For example:

The cheapest 3 vin hex V2 package is $199 not $300 as it claims (the 10 vin one is $299), this is despite it linking to the Ross tech page where this information is listed.

VCDS is not supported on windows 7, (“Slower computers or Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7 may work but are not officially supported.”)

And the latest version is 23.11 (not 21.3 as it says)

These are just some examples that stood out to me, and I don’t know anything about open sky to comment on its instructions there.
While a very useful tool for searching and finding links to different information, I would not follow any step by step information it provides without cross referencing it with a service manual, and I’d double check the details of any critical information it gives you.
Yep. Wise warning about the hallucinations that such models introduce. If we were to do this properly, we’d search only against our own database with an appropriate embeddings model, and then use the LLM to summarise the results. However, this comes at some cost right now. Bing Chat and Google Bard or similar are the best we can offer for free today.