New 6 speed gearbox method - passat '11 onwards MYP gearbox


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I wonder if this 6 gear conversion can be done on 1.6 FSI too?
A few days ago I saw an A3 1.6 FSI with the 6 gears. And it had 116hp...


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How's this gearbox working out?
I'm having a couple of issues with mine so tempted to go down this route myself. Any tips for sourcing the box?


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I wonder if this 6 gear conversion can be done on 1.6 FSI too?
A few days ago I saw an A3 1.6 FSI with the 6 gears. And it had 116hp...

For reference, the Golf had the same 1.6 FSI BAD engine fitted as the A2. Power output is 81KW or 110PS.

The 1.6 FSI in the A3 was a slightly different engine developing 85KW or 115PS. Various engine codes for different years, BAG, BLP, BLF. All with a 6 speed gearbox but no idea whether any would fit the A2. Even the 1.6 BAD 81KW engine in the Golf had a different (5 speed) gearbox to the A2.

E.g. A3 1.6 FSI BAG engine goes with 6 speed GVV 6 speed manual gearbox.
A2 1.6 FSI BAD engine of same period goes with 5 speed GSK gearbox.




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I've just been sniffing about the internet as you do, and it appears to me that the MYP gearbox (2011 Passat 6 speed used by OP on A2 1.4TDi) is an MQ250 which comes as 3 options namely MYP (61:18 final drive = 3.39) and KWB & MUJ (both with 62:17 final drive = 3.65).

But if you look here (MUJ)

It lists lots of other compatible codes (GQN,GQM,JCM,JYK,FYG,JWX,JCP)...

I have found this for the KWB

VW Golf 1.4 TSI 02S - KWB
1st 3.78
2nd 2.12
3rd 1.36
4th 1.03
5th 0.86
6th 0.73
Final 3.65

Just thought I would share, incase its of interest.


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Just a quick update on my MYP gearbox - all working perfectly! Still slightly notchy on the throw pattern, but other than that it's perfect. RE: the above post mentioning 3 variations of the MYP, I don't know which of these I got unfortunately. If it's easy to find out, I can take a took for anyone interested...
Just FYI.

Disclaimer: I don't work there and am not not involved in spare parts business.

4x Audi A2 FSI
15x Audi A2 1,4TDI

1st : 35:08 (4,38); 34:09 (3,78) oder 33/10 (3,3)
2nd : 34:15 (2,27); 36:17 (2,12), 33:16 (2,06) oder 35/18 (1,94)
3rd : 1,19; 1,25; 1,27; 1,30; 1,35; 1,45; 1,52; 1,65 oder 1,7
4th: 0,82; 0,84; 0,86; 0,9; 0,92; 0,97; 1,03; 1,09; 1,11; 1,19 oder 1,27
5th : 0,88; 0,84; 0,77; 0,74; 0,72; 0,7 oder 0,66
6th : 0,84; 0,77; 0,74; 0,72; 0,7; 0,66; 0,62 oder 0,59
Differential: 3,16; 3,39; 3,68; 3,94 oder 4,24

Their price was too high for me.
The gearbox one should look for is "MYP" / MQ250-6F that was installed in Passat B7 BlueMotion 1.6TDI 77 kW, MY 2011-2014. I am hoping to get acceleration bump back:). It got lost after going from 0.76 to the 0.658 gear ratio in the 5th gear. Besides, keeping engine speed below 2800 RPM when driving in the 6th would prevent it from getting excessively loud. Looking forward to driving in the 6th gear!
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Oh dear, that is exactly the car that I have in the drive, probably a bit rude to incapacitate the B7 to make the A2 more eco :rolleyes:


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Managed to do a speed test in my car today:
60 mph revs approx 1700 rpm
70 mph revs approx 2000 rpm

I tried going down hill in 6th at 50 mph and the revs were roughly 1400 so I would anticipate if you are on the autobahns or similar where you can do 80 mph revs would be about 2300.

I love the improved driving experience cruising on the motorway.

DJ 190

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Yes, 70 mph revs approx 2000 rpm is what I see with the previously "standard" 6th gear conversion kit supplied by Eurotuning. The good thing about it is that the 6th gear is an "add-on" ratio, so your original gears are exactly the same. The final 6th gear can only reasonably be engaged at about 56-60 MPH .... Like an overdrive ...


Diff: 3.389

Tyres: 195/45 R16
Speeds displayed on two devices with GPS:
1850 RPM - 96 km/h ~ 60 mph
2000 RPM - 106 km/h
2200 RPM - 116 km/h
2400 RPM - 127 km/h
2600 RPM - 137 km/h
2800 RPM - 148 km/h
3000 RPM - 159 km/h ~ 100 mph

1 land mile = 1.609 km

If one's tyres have the same circumference as standard 185/50 R16, add roughly 2 mph to each value at a certain engine speed. Your tyres rotate slower than mine:)
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Update. Russ suggested I contact Vince direct to clarify the speedo drive issue on early gearboxes. This is his reply -

''There would be 2 possible options -

Option 1, would be to build the MYP gear kit into your existing gearbox if possible.

Option 2, would be to try and make your speedo work from the ABS sensors like it does on the later cars. Not sure if this would work without changing the instrument cluster? This could be tried / tested out before fitting of the MYP I suppose.



Obviously more research (or a guinea pig) is needed for owners of older vehicles who are considering the Passat 6 speed gearbox conversion

Cheers Spike
I've just done some of the necessary research...

It seems to be that Option 2 from Vince's list above isn't an option. My new understanding (as of today) is that the software inside the instrument cluster is totally irrelevant when it comes to speedo signals. All instrument clusters pick up a pulse-based speedo signal; earlier clusters use the gearbox as the source, whilst later clusters use the ABS unit as the source.
If you fit a gearbox without a speedo drive (such as the 6-speed MYP gearbox), the cluster must then be able to pick up its speed signal from the ABS unit. However, if the ABS unit doesn't have a speed signal output, you've got serious problems!
My current belief is that the earlier MK20 ABS unit doesn't have a pulse-based speedo output, which would explain why it's fitted in conjunction with a gearbox speedo drive. Based on this new understanding, the 6-speed upgrade method suitable for a given car is therefore determined by the generation of ABS unit fitted, not the generation of instrument cluster. If you've got a MK20 ABS unit, you must upgrade via a gearbox extension (such as the one fitted to my car: If you've got the later MK60 ABS unit, both upgrade methods are available to you (either MYP 'box or an extension of your existing 'box).

Option 1 from Vince's list above remains a possibility. If this is physically possible, then the MYP gearbox option becomes available to all.