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I thought I would start off a project thread on my Papaya CS.

I have been on the forum since 2009 and in 2010 I managed to find a very nice Castle Red 1.4TDi with OpenSky and that was me hooked. I spent some time on the forum and enjoyed getting the car the way I wanted including a Parrot Bluetooth system, heated wing mirrors and upgraded with Cruise by Mike (Skipton01). In my early posts I learned of the Papaya CS and also the Jaipur cars, both of which I would have loved to have owned as I do like Orange :) and so the hunt was on......

Skip 5 years and I’m back again, after lurking all these years in the darkness. So I found myself in the position to be able to purchase another car in early 2016, I had a look at a few and nothing really clicked for one reason or another. However then I spotted the Papaya CS on Auto Trader. I took a trip down to Leeds to take a look, it was looking a bit sad but was all there and with a full (if not Audi) history and only a couple of owners it looked like a great opportunity. So after a bit of bartering it came home with me.

So now onto the car. It has very few options from the factory but that makes adding things all the more fun. According to the details published on the forum - - I believe it is the only 1.4P SE Papaya CS ever made for the UK, with there being 3 x base 1.4P’s, 1 x 1.6FSi SE, 1 x base 1.4TDi and 1 x 1.4TDi SE (no TDi 90’s and no Sports).


IMG_5004 (1).jpgIMG_5014.jpgIMG_5015.jpgIMG_5016.jpgIMG_5018.jpg

The car decodes with the following:
PRCode: 1KB = Drum brakes rear
PRCode: 1LY = Disc brakes front
PRCode: 1MR = Leather steering wheel
PRCode: 1N2 = Power steering electro‑hydraulic
PRCode: 1SA = Without additional engine guard
PRCode: 3FA = Without roof insert (standard roof)
PRCode: 3L3 = Manual height adjustment for front seats
PRCode: 3NC = Rear seat bench/backrest split folding
PRCode: 4GH = Windshield in heat‑insulating glass with sunshield
PRCode: 4K4 = Radio remote controlled central locking
PRCode: 4R5 = Power windows with comfort operation and circuit breaker mechanical window regulators rear
PRCode: 4UE = Air bag for driver and front seat passenger
PRCode: 4X1 = Side air bag front
PRCode: 5D1 = Carrier frequency 433.92 MHz‑434.42 Mhz
PRCode: 5SJ = Left exterior mirror: convex
PRCode: 6TS = Right exterior mirror: aspherical large viewing field
PRCode: 6XC = Exterior mirrors: electrically adjustable
PRCode: 7X1 = Park distance control
PRCode: 8BF = Halogen headlight for driving on the left
PRCode: 8GD = Alternator 90A
PRCode: 8Z5 = Not hot country
PRCode: C3N = Alloy wheels 6.5J x 16
PRCode: G22 = Front shock absorption
PRCode: L48 = Suspension range 48 installation control only no requirement forecast
PRCode: MN7 = 4‑cyl. gasoline engine 1.4 L/55 kW 16V multi‑point injection base engine is T1Q/T99/TK0
PRCode: Q1A = Standard front seats
PRCode: T1Q = 4‑cylinder gasoline engine 1.4 L unit 036.D (aluminium)
PRCode: X2B = National sales program Great Britain

I have a nice little list of things to address and I’ll update the thread with anything I find on the way, but here it is just now:

1) Full service - has been well serviced including Cambelt change but going to complete oil filter/oil, air filter, spark plugs and cabin filter just to be sure as the indicator says 600 miles to next service - (done)
2) Diagnose and fix running cool issue - suspected temp sensor (done along with thermostat)
3) Diagnose and fix EML and intermittent loss of power/rough running (suspect coil pack) - (done - replaced)
4) Diagnose and fix Brake switch fault - (done replaced)
5) Touch up / respray areas of paint that have been damaged (corners of bonnet) - (done)
6) Install new pepper-pot wheels/Falken tyres - thanks Freakyeke! - (done)
7) Replace drivers door check strap - (done)
8) Clean intake system - (done)
9) Perform a Throttle Body recalibration - (done)
10) Ask Timmus kindly to perform some upgrades (Cruise, DIS, Komfortblinker) - (done)
11) Fix scrape on rear wing - Frost Liquid Wrap - (done)
12) Fix EML/Steering wheel indicator issue - requires new VCDS scan - (done)
13) Fix sluggish alternator (rev to kill lamp on startup) - (done)
14) Install Bilstein B4 dampers - ordered - thanks Freakyeke! - (done)
15) 4 wheel alignment after dampers fitted - (done)
16) Fit rear window blinds - (done)
17) Fit new battery - (done)
18) Replace alternator to fix steering wheel and other various errors in VCDS - (done)
19) Fit roof-bars - (done)
20) Fit Heko wind deflectors - (done)
21) Full detail as the car has been 'used' so therefore needs a good deep clean - done
22) Refurb original 16” SE alloys - replaced with PepperPots
23) Polish headlights / fog lights - 3M Polish - done
24) Steam clean and rejuvenate the seat covers (anyone any tips on this?) - done
25) Ask for some support to diagnose the other VCDS errors listed below ;) - done
26) Drain oil and clean sump - carried out whilst servicing
27) Have Audi Towbar retro fitted - done

VAG COM errors listed
P0118 - Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor (G62): Signal too High - Fixed
P0571 - Brake Switch (F): Implausible Signal - Fixed
16688 - Cylinder 4 P0304 - 35-10 - Misfire Detected - Intermittent - Fixed
17961 - Barometric / Manifold Pressure Signals - Fixed
P1553 - 35-10 - Implausible Correlation - Intermittent - Fixed
01271 - Positioning Motor for Temperature Flap (V68) - Fixed
01314 - Engine Control Module - Fixed

Previous Keepers : 2

Service History
16/09/2004 - Delivered to Northampton Audi - PDI completed and put on Long Life servicing

29/09/2004 - Delivered and registered to first owner - Sally Maeer

11/11/2005 - Listers Audi LongLife Service - 19234 miles - £275

21/06/2006 - Audi - Multi Point Check - 26144 miles

26/09/2007 - Listers Audi LongLife Service plus Brake Fluid - 36949 miles - £439.09

28/11/2007 - Listers Audi - Replace Lambda Sensor - 38488 miles - £368.89

25/09/2008 - Nationwide Autocentre - MOT - £35.58

26/09/2009 - Nationwide Autocentre - MOT - front brake discs and pads - 2 x new front tyres - 44857 miles - £446.25

08/11/2010 - Motorhouse - Full service - clean induction system - brake fluid change - renew wipers - renewed rear tyres - renewed anti roll bar and bushes - 62453 miles - £699.96

30/08/2011 - Kwik Fit - 2 new tyres - £193.00

22/12/2011 - Kwik Fit - MOT and tracking - 70722 miles - £74.95

02/03/2012 - Kwik Fit - Full service - 72590 miles - £206.94

14/12/2012 - Kwik Fit - Interim service - 79848 miles - £90

20/12/2012 - Kwik Fit - New brake shoes and fluid change - 79905 miles - £184.70

21/08/2013 - AutoGlass - Replace front windscreen - £75

03/09/2013 - Beechwood Garage - Replace Cambelt, idler bearing and water pump - 86235 miles

19/12/2013 - Beechwood Garage - MOT Test - replace rear exhaust - renew anti roll bar link - 87861 miles - £135.85

14/01/2014 - Beechwood Garage - Replace front wheel bearings + front discs and pads + stop light switch + service - 88665 miles - £489.64

02/12/2014 - Beachwood Garage - MOT Test and replace bulbs - 94924 miles - £62.15

11/12/2015 - Beechwood Garage - Check for misfire - no fault found - 103238 miles - £43.20

28/04/2016 - Stoke Audi - Front door strap - parts only - £36.90

28/04/2016 - Euro Car Parts - 4 x Bosch Super Plus FR7LDC+ Spark Plugs - £14.35

21/05/2016 - PL Automotive Services - Full Service - Replace all 4 shock absorbers Bilstein B4 - New 90 Amp alternator - fit new parking sensor - 105188 miles - £519.68

22/05/2016 - Euro Car Parts - Brake Light Switch - Parts only - £7.03

29/05/2016 - Timmus - Fit DIS, Komfort Blinker and Cruise - £650.00

29/05/2016 - Fit cubby under handbrake - £40

29/05/2016 - Fit new battery - £90

02/06/2016 - Edinburgh Audi - Parts only - Throttle body gaskets - £6.54

14/06/2016 - CLCM Autotyre - 4 wheel alignment - 105825 miles - £50

02/09/2016 - PL Automotive Services - Replace front anti roll bar links - replace engine breather seals - replace thermostat - 106897 miles - £176.18

08/09/2016 - 4 x Pepperpot Alloys - £100

08/09/2016 - Halfords - Tyres - x 4 - £236.08

08/09/2016 - Replace headlights, side lights and fog lights with upgraded bulbs - £40

23/12/2016 - PL Automotive Services - Fit new lambda sensor - 107893 miles - £306.03

03/04/2016 - Fit new pressed number plates and german surrounds - £40

14/08/2017 - Replace all hydraulic tappets, fit new timing belt, replace front coil springs and top mounts - 108968 - £764.47

28/04/2018 - Fit Audi Towbar - 110000 - £750

27/09/2018 - Fit new Audi rear exhaust, check valve timing, oil service - 111,113 - £212.82
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I was very tempted with this myself when I first spotted it on Auto trader, a truly unique car and glad it has finally joined the owners club, best of luck on you're ownership and I'll be interested to see any progress you make with it, well done!
Cheers Jeff
I find these types of threads very interesting and your example is certainly unique and very cool IMHO.

I look forward to following this and watching the project unfold.
Yes - I'll also add my congratulations on your purchase and hope to see you at a social sometime this year, along with Terry's purple flyer.

Thankyou for posting this thread - it will make a very interesting read !. It was only 9 miles away when for sale and a big temptation - really pleased that it,s gone to a good home.
Pulled the coils and the spark plugs today with a view to replacing the coil that is causing an issue and replacing the plugs if required. It turns out the Bosch that I have vs the NGK that are installed are 2 pole rather than 3, not sure if this will make a huge difference as they are a compatible part apparently, however the plugs that I have in there at present are pretty gunky and have been changed well within the 40k miles, my questions are:

1) Any problem with 2 core rather than 3?
2) As they are 2 pole what is the correct gapping on them?

some photo's below:

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The NGK,s may be slightly better than the Bosch but i wouldn,t think there would be any clear difference regarding the amount of prongs so long as there is a good spark. The last time i bought some spark plugs i was told that they are all now "factory set" and do not require any adjustment.

Well that is job 1 complete. New sparkies in - gapped to 0.9 which was what the NGK tripples were at, new coil pack fitted and new coolant temp sensor with coolant flush and the appropriate amount of G30 pre-mix put back. Next job will be undercowl removal and oil change.
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Would love see this car at AITP or ADI
Orange is my second favourite colour on A2's after Purple

There was a orange colour storm local to me but i haven't seen it lately. Maybe it is yours now mrbroons. Where did you buy it from?

Red is my second favourite colour on A2's after misano red.
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Well that is job 1 complete. New sparkies in - gapped to 0.9 which was what the NGK tripples were at, new coil pack fitted and new coolant temp sensor with coolant flush and the appropriate amount of G30 pre-mix put back. Next job will be undercowl removal and oil change.

I have just had a coil pack replaced two weeks ago then on Friday another one gave up the ghost so rather than worrying about it happening again i had the remaining three replaced.
Hi Audimad, I was told that spark plug gapping was the likely cause of the issue and arcing through the coil was the result. So rather than replace all coil packs I simply replaced the broken one but replaced all the plugs and gapped them correctly which was a cheaper starting point. Time will tell if I've been lucky :)

The car was from Leeds, is that the one or is there another on the loose!
There's another one. It was from Cheadle Staffordshire, it was a 1.4 too. Did you get it from a private sale?
Ahh I see, if you ever see it again..... Yes it was. According to the list there were another 3 1.4's but all non SE, 2 x 2002 and 1 x 2004, would be great to see a pic if you get the opportunity and time.

So far then there is my Papaya, the one you mention from Cheadle, I've seen one in Wales (nr the Conwy Falls Cafe on A5 - anyone local to Wales and this area know of this one?) and there is one on this thread -!&highlight=papaya. So that leaves another 3 to find according to the list and that there are no duplicates here or cars that have been written off since.
New wheels fitted and a new job added - scratch on boot wing, anyone know if it is possible repair/paint or is it a swap job?

That is very kind! They are not as lovely as the Sport wheels but they are sooo light and the ride is silky smooth even in comparison to the 16's but I have yet to get them topped up air wise so we will see what difference that makes. Monroe's will make a difference but I'll wait until the current shocks fail to switch over and go from there