Today I.....

Changed both front indicator bulbs, even only one had blown, the paint had started to fail on the good bulb. Easy job with headlight units removed. Bulbs were £4.99 for both. Torx socket and ratchet driver was £17.00. Outch.....
Replaced the rear shock absorbers on my A2 with Bilstein B4 units. A very easy job. The hardest part was removing the arch plastics.

I'm waiting for a dry day to do the front shock absorbers, lower control arm rear bushes, anti roll bar bushes and drop links.
Today I... Painted the brake drums to try and delay the onset of rust. Hub caps are missing because the muppets at the wheel refurb place 'forgot' to paint them.


Today I gave a presentation on the A2

Today I gave a 1 hour presentation to the local U3A Science and Engineering Group about the A2.

I concentrated on the Design and Manufacturing aspect and then set them the challenge of how to make the standard 1.4 TDi into a 1.2 3L version. I included some YouTube videos**

Thought I better hoover, wash and wax the car first:

My clean A2 no plates on 10-11-15 lr.jpg

London Eye UK launch advert
Pressing and Hydroforming the ASF parts (on a TT?) [1st half]
Laser Welding the A2
Open Sky working
Advert re the inspection flap (funny)
Recent AutoTrader review of A2
Today I... used VagCom to program my central comfort convenience unit :D to give one touch unlocking and a 'blip' on locking.

Still got a rattly heatshield to track down somewhere - have already checked the floor shield, sounds quite a low frequency buzz so must be a fairly big panel.

... sorted most of the roadbook out for track. Looks pretty good right now.
Oh, and the car's back in the garage. Blocked drain from OSS means the front-right A-pillar is soaked :(

- Bret
Had another look at the exhaust tunnel heat shield - tapping with a hammer revealed a bit of a rattle so made some rubber penny washers and put them between the shield and the body. Hopefully that will cure the rattle but also thinking about putting some exhaust wrap around the flexi section as I've had rattles from these in the past.

Yesterday, got my TDI back from Cam Belt change, an Audi / German independent in Wakefield.

On the way there, the fuel gauge gave up again so back in to the fuel tank today.
Today I ............

Felt sad for the state of the world after the Paris attacks, the world is big enough to provide a home for all of us, why do people want to kill innocent people for ANY reason whatsoever.

Enough of that though, lets not let the terrorists win and prevent us from living a normal life.

Also "Today I ......" hate the weather, but still looking forward to tonight.
I am packing up the 4 trophies for the presentations and preparing the words to post on the forum immediately after the presentation.
It will be nice to be able to recognise even a small portion of the fantastic team and members we have in this club.
If we were giving awards to everyone that has helped make this club / forum great we would need HUNDREDS.

But today I ........ am really looking forward to meeting everyone again and having a great meal and lots of chat (some of it not even about cars!}

Steve B
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... finally got the anti-flicker circuits built x6. Boot, footwells, mirrors, will all get them. Hopefully still this month.... yeah, right. I want the car "done" ish for Track.

- Bret
... drinking wine at Hilton Syon Park and thinking about the left rear wheel bolt I managed to damage on Sunday, making it impossible to pull out :)
took it out of the garage and put it back in again less than 30 mins later. It's dry on the inside again, though.

- Bret