Yorkshire Social Saturday 21 July 2018

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Event date: Saturday 2018-07-21
Registration ends: Friday 2018-07-20
Username Guest count Note
a2sumo a2sumo 1  
Vonnie Vonnie 1 Most likely in the same car as a2sumo though
Teresa Teresa 1  
Special edition Special edition 2  
Darren C Darren C 4  
trevorswaine trevorswaine 2  
YorkshireHill YorkshireHill 2  
chb chb 2 Nishe is already cleaning her camera lens in anticipation!
philward philward 2  
murdo murdo 4  
S spike 2 No meal
the grim reeper the grim reeper 2 Possibly 2 more.
R RossG1980 2  
PeterS PeterS 1  
rosiedog rosiedog 1 Just me+ the woolfhound ! !
D Dek 1 First time I've been to one of these, a short trip up the motorway
Jellybean Jellybean 2 Plus dog!
number2 number2 2 Hope to be there.
depronman depronman 1 no meal thanks, will need to pick up Wifey in York around 5pm
O oneflewover 1 Coming off night shifts, depends on how busy it was. No meal.
A2-Dork A2-Dork 1 possible as im dropping off in manchester airport, so depends on traffic and meal too


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Reluctantly we won't be joining the group for the meal. I've amended the registration list accordingly

Cheers Spike


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I've been asked by a couple of members who are coming to the social to being some bits and pieces to save on postage, I'm happy to do so.
Does anyone else want anything, Check Straps, 3D printed parts, remaps etc



Well the A2 covered the 302 tedious (because of traffic) miles in temperatures mainly in the high twenties with no problems at all!
Now in Scarborough - Pete Tong was amazing :)

Will be there sometime shortly after 11 I imagine. We’re going to pop into York mid afternoon, and then back east to Driffield. The car’s still pretty clean, though there were a few drops of rain en route, so hopefully it’ll blend in okay. Well, as well as an organge car can ;)

the grim reeper

A2OC Donor
See you all soon guys and gals. Just me today Logan woke up this morning with a stinking cold luckily Cheryl was off work and volunteered to stay home.

Cheers Phil.


What a great picture - I think I counted 16 A2s at one point? A fantastic coincidence that this meet was the weekend we were up in North Yorkshire! Great location, a wonderful selection of A2s and a friendly bunch :) Sorry we couldn’t stay all afternoon, but sightseeing in York needed to be done as well...particularly thanks for the Waitrose car park tip ;)

Good to meet you all. Can’t promise to be at the next one, it was a 300 mile drive! But the A2 took it in its stride despite the heat and traffic turning it into an over 7 hour journey.

Thanks everyone :)


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Throughly enjoyed it too, I think though I probably have the tallest A2 unless somebody has done a monster truck conversion.

Special edition

Admin Team
We had a great day...thankyou to all who attended to make it a brilliant Yorkshire social. Special thanks to Hilary and Ian for organisation and suggestion for the venue.